SSDW 2007

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The Space Station Design Workshop 2007 was the first event to be held outside of Europe at the University of Sydney, Australia, between 16 and 21 July 2007. Due to the unique location and internationality of the workshop, it was conducted again as a one week full-time workshop, with 28 participants from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy and Russia.

In two competing teams the participants were tasked with the development of a lunar space station, i.e. a man-tended staging and refueling platform in low lunar orbit to support exploration missions towards the Moon while also providing capabilities for microgravity research and preparation of future missions beyond cis-lunar space. Both teams showed outstanding dedication and motivation to the taks and came up with very elaborate results including top-level system budget data, configuration drawings and models, and simulation data. A public presentation and graduation on 21 July 2007 presented the SSDW and the team designs.

The SSDW 2007 program was rounded up by some joint social activities with participants and staff in Sydney. These events included an Aussie barbecue and a evening talk by Dr. Miriam Baltuck, NASA representative and director of the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex in Australia, on the global space exploration strategy, but also collective excursions into the Sydney nightlife, thus making it not only a technical event, but also increasing intercultural communication and networking between the young engineers interested in human spaceflight.


Held from 16 to 21 July 2007, the cold Australian winter could not stop two competing teams to deliver outstanding work and two elaborate space station designs. For detailed results of the 2007 workshop, download the SSDW 2007 Final Report.



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